Meet Sprat, Cora, and Tulip

These three cuties are two months old but not quite ready to be adopted. Right now, they are indoors but crated. They need room to run around and be kittens. Rescuer is doing a great job, but has very limited space. We need a foster (or foster to adopt 😁) for these three.

Please contact Julie at 714-756-0679 (text please) or go to our website at and complete a foster application (“Get Involved” tab), or the adoption application. Please share and network. These three are miserable in a crate and desperately need to run, play and climb.


Adopter Needed!

These loving fur mates need a new home!⠀

Sadie (left) is 10 years old, very timid, but will protect her feline sister at any moment, is great at hiding, independent, and a night time lover when it’s dark and quiet.⠀

K.O. pronounced “kay-oh” (right) is 8 years old. When she was a kitten she would play so hard that she would knock herself out, hence the name KO. She’s a socialite who always wants attention, is very sassy, has her energetic spurts, with a short attention span. Love hard, play hard is her motto.⠀

Their mom passed away so they are in need of a new, quiet, relaxed home together as They’re all each other have.⠀

If you know anyone interested in taking them in please let me know. One does not go without the other. They come as a pair.⠀

We would rather place them in a permanent home (less stress on them) but will place them with a foster if it means keeping them out of the shelter. Contact Julie at 714-756-0679 (text please). #cats #catrescue #adopterneeded #fosterneeded

It’s Kitten Season Already

KITTEN SEASON IS ALIVE AND WELL IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA! Meet sweet, sweet Ebony. She gave birth to four kittens of her own and accepted two orphans as her own. She is very friendly but in dire need of a foster. She is outside and not safe.

We need a foster for her and her babies ASAP. Please contact Julie at 714-756-0679 (text please) or go directly to our website at and complete our Foster Application. (locate by clicking the “Get Involved” button at the top of Home Page). The sooner we get this family inside and safe the better. Looking for Orange County or Oceanside area)


I can barely talk about this kitten, I’m so smitten with her adorableness! This is Creampuff, aka Snugglebug. She is sweet and adoptable, and did I mention adorable? She loves to chatter and sit in human laps, and is ready for her forever family to find her.

For more information or to contact us about Creampuff, please visit her Petfinder page:⠀

Or fill out an adoption application with no obligation:

Be sure to fill out an application TODAY if you might be interested in visiting with Creampuff at our adoption event tomorrow!