Urgent: Foster Needed

These kittens were just found on the side of the road; we believe they were dumped. At the moment we do not have a foster for them or a safe place for them to go.

If you can help, please respond by texting Phyllis at 323-394-0954. Also please complete our foster questionnaire at http://bit.ly/SCRFoster.

We can work with a foster in Orange, San Diego or Imperial Counties.

Fosters needed

It’s time again! Spring is here, and so are orphaned kittens.

The pleas from shelters are coming in daily. We need fosters to bottle feed and fosters to take them once they are weaned.

One of our volunteers picked up these cuties today. Only days old but eating like champs!!!! (If you need a cuteness fix for a few weeks, let us know! We can get you these two with bottles and formula.) Fostering is easy and very rewarding. Kittens like these two die in shelters every day. Save a life and get your cuteness fix at the same time!

Contact Julie at 714-756-0679 (text please) or complete our foster application if you might be interested.

Foster Needed

One of our favorite doctors has asked for our help and we are asking for yours. These three kittens were abandoned and desperately need a foster. Living in a cage, even at a veterinary office, is no way to live. They are well cared for but deserve to run, play and have a lap to nap on.

These three cuties are healthy, spayed and neutered and although a bit shy at first, warm up pretty quick. A little TLC and they will be ready for their forever home!

Contact Julie at 714-756-0679 if you are in Orange County and can foster.

Foster Needed for Mexicali Rescue!

Yesterday one of our volunteers was near the Mexicali border and saw this poor, sweet kitten limping and crying. She picked him up and brought him home with her despite the fact she isn’t allowed animals where she lives. When she got him home she realized his paws were burned.

Best we can figure is that he was on a car engine trying to keep warm, the owner of the car started the engine and drove for a while before realizing the kitten was on the engine. Once the driver found him, the kitten was dumped on the side of the road and left to die.

We need someone to take this guy in and show him that he is loved. Rescue will pay for all vetting. Orange County, Imperial County or North San Diego County. Contact Julie at 714-756-0679.

Foster Needed for Two Little Kittens

Another person has contacted us through Facebook asking for help. She rescued these two from the streets but can’t keep them any longer. We don’t want them going to the shelter so we are asking for help. Orange County or Imperial County please. Contact Julie at 714-756-0679 (text) if you can foster them. Cute little kittens that were probably dumped on the side of the road. They deserve a chance at a happy home.

Can you foster?

Someone just contacted our rescue asking for assistance. These three kittens were found outside and need shelter and socializing. If you can open your home and heart for a short time (these three look to be close to 2 months old) please contact Julie at 714-756-0679 (text please). They will need some TLC as they are afraid of people. (Probably with good reason, unfortunately) Orange County, North San Diego County please.

Foster Needed!

Once upon a time a family of kittens had a whole room to themselves to run and be kittens. Now, through no fault of their own, they are in a cage.

These sweet kittens were given to the rescue by the person who rescued them. Of course we took them in…it’s what we do and the kittens are innocents.

These sweethearts (there are seven of them total) are available for adoption. In the meantime, we need a place for them to go so they can be kittens and run. Can someone please help them and foster? They are current on vaccinations, tested for FeLV/FIV, microchipped and ready to be adopted! We need a foster home to move them to ASAP.

Living in a cage is no place for them but it is the only alternative at the moment. Contact Phyllis at 323-394-0954 or Julie at 714-756-0679 (text please) if you can help. Orange County, Imperial County please.

More fosters needed!

These three gorgeous Siamese x cats were left behind when their owners moved. The local shelter has said that there is no room so the cats will be euthanized if they are taken there. We need a foster to move them into ASAP.⠀

Right now they are being boarded at a vet’s office. This is a very short term solution. They are running out of time. Please contact Julie at 714-756-0679 (text) if you can foster these beautiful, sweet kitties. They do not deserve to die because their owners were cruel and heartless. Orange County, Imperial County or Belmont Shores area.⠀

Foster needed immediately! Today!

URGENT! These 6 week old kittens are headed back to the shelter if we can’t find a foster. We pulled them last week and the foster we had lined up to take them can’t keep them. (no judgement please. We value our fosters and circumstances change) She texted me just now saying that she is taking them back to shelter. They won’t make it out. They are stunning, sweet and almost ready for adoption. Orange Count/Belmont Shores please. Contact Julie at 714-756-0679 (text) ASAP!

Adopter or Foster Needed!

These two beautiful, bonded kitties were adopted from our rescue a couple of months ago. The adopter’s son has allergies and the doctor has recommended relinquishing the cats.

We need an adopter, or at the very least a foster for these two. If we can’t find a placement for them, they will have to be kept in a crate.

They are sweet, beautiful and very loving. These two had a rough start in life, thought they found a forever home that they are now losing. They deserve better. Can someone please step up for these two?

Fosters: Orange County or Belmont Shores. Adopter: San Diego County, Orange County or Belmont Shores area. Contact Julie at 714-756-0679 (text please).

Bottle Baby Foster Needed!


In order to prevent five bottle babies from being euthanized, a member of our rescue now has them at her house. We need another bottle feeder to share the load. These two are the oldest and will require less care than the other three. Please contact Julie at 714-756-0679 if you can take these two.

Having five bottle babies and working full time is too much for one person. We are asking for help so that all five have the best chance of survival. (The orange bubba now has his eyes completely open.)

More fosters needed

These adorable kittens were dumped on the doorstep of a dog rescue. They don’t have a place for kittens except in a cage. Can anyone foster them? They are 6 weeks old and almost ready for adoption.⠀

Orange County, North Orange County (our events are in San Juan Capistrano) would be awesome. Visit our website at southerncountiesrescue.org and complete our foster application or contact Julie at 714-756-0679 (text is best please). Thanks!

Foster needed

Once again someone has contacted us about an abandoned kitten. This little guy has a foster for a couple of days but then he will go to the shelter. His picture is adorable (a little blurry, but adorable!) and we would love to find a foster for him before he is turned in to the shelter. Orange County or very North San Diego County. Contact Julie at 714-756-0679 (text is best) if you can help us save him. We would probably put another young kitten with him so he has a buddy. Just look at those white feet!!!!